Ways to Customize Your Hoodies

Hoodies are great to wear anytime. Aside from giving comfort, they also look great on different body types. If you want to level up your hoodie, you can do it by customizing it. Personalizing your hoodieswill make it more unique and will make you want to wear them more. Continue reading to know ways on how to customize your hoodie.

Picking a Style

Hoodies come in 2 styles. These are zipped up and pulled over. The former is convenient because of the zipper, and the latter is pulled over your body. Whatever style you choose, both are comfy and convenient.

Deciding the Theme

If you are personalizing your hoodie for yourself, you can think of the message or theme you want your hoodie to have. If there is an occasion such as an event or reunion, this can be your theme.

Planning the Design

After determining the theme, you can think of the text and/or pictures you want to put on your hoodie. The important tip here is to effectively pick the right elements to put together your message or theme.

Hand-Drawing Art

Trying hand-drawn art for your hoodie is one of the best ways to customize it. You can take a photo or draw a design or doodle by hand. You do not need to be skilled at drawing to do this. You will have a unique hoodie once you place your preferred design on it.

Keeping it Simple

One of the rules in customizing a hoodie is keeping it simple. Complex designs might not convey the theme or message that you want. It is better to go for a design that is simple but stylish.

Choosing the Right Color

When deciding on the colors of your hoodie, you have to consider the color of the hoodie itself and the design. It is recommended to choose a light shade and a dark shade for the other. The colors should complement your design so that your theme or message is still clear.

Sizing the Image

You need an image with a high resolution if you decide to print it on your hoodie. It is best to refer to your printer to understand the needed resolution better. The quality of the image is also important since you would not want a blurry image printed on your hoodie.

Placing the Design

One of the most common ways to place a design on a hoodie is in front. The design placement on the pockets or at the back is not common, but there are no rules for this. Wherever you want to place the design, you just need to make sure that it is appealing, visible, and clear-cut.

Choosing the Right Fabric

When wearing a hoodie, comfort is a priority. Therefore, if quality fabric is not used in customizing it, the purpose of wearing one is gone. There is no perfect fabric for a hoodie since this depends on preference. You just need to make sure to pick a quality one.


Finally, you know some of the best ideas to customize your hoodie. Personalizing it is a great way to show your personality. You have to keep in mind to consider your signature style in the overall design and have fun.

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