With Monkey Prints, we make the whole ordeal simple, convenient, and timely. That said, we streamline the process in three easy steps: Choose, Create, Check Out.


We have a wide array of products, apparel, and clothing pieces to choose from as the base for your chosen printing design. We partner with popular clothing brands to secure you only get the best fabrics and pieces for your merchandise. You will get access to a range of styles to suit every price point.

Click on Design Now, and the first thing you encounter is our selection of available products. Take your pick, pick a style, indicate the quantity, and proceed to the next step.


Once you’ve selected your apparel, it is now time to create the design. Our design studio is very straightforward to use and you can always make any changes in the process. In this second step, you can upload a design and make a virtual sample of the merchandise you want.

Then, choose the size, color detail, and placement of the image on the clothing piece or apparel. Make the modifications as needed and then click Create once you’re done.

Check Out

Once everything in the designing aspect is finalized, click Check Out. In this last step, you can then set up your shipping details, payment method, and other packaging requests.