If you’re in search of top quality, durable, and impressive customized printing services, then look no further. That is exactly what we at Monkey Prints specialize in.

We have 10 years of experience on our belt and offer the best services for your printing needs. Whatever the material or the design, Monkey Prints has got you covered!

At your Service

Our design team is equipped with skills and tools to properly guide you through the deciding process for your merchandise and apparel. We help you determine the right printing method for your needs. Our experts will also help you select the ideal design proportions and advise you on the best placement of graphics on your chosen product.

We can transfer text, line art, vectors, digital artworks, or full-color photographs using Direct to Garment print transfers, Perma Press Vinyl printing method, or through a specialized screen printing system for bulk orders. In addition to printing services, we also offer patter placement and embroidery for all products.

Just tell us what you would like and we’ll do the rest.

1. Direct to Garment Print Transfer

This is so far the most novel and efficient printing method. For this, we utilize cutting-edge specially-formatted inkjet printers to get the job done. Using CMYKRG water-soluble inks and soft hand print transferring, our Direct to Garment Print Transfer service offers better quality printing with accurate colors, and crisp lines and edges.

We highly recommend this service for special print transfer projects of smaller quantities that require full detail, rich colors, and a realistic overall look. Inform us of your plans and preferences, so we can give you a quote for our direct-to-garment print transfer service.

2. Perma Press Vinyl Print Method

Revolutionizing press-on printing on a larger variety of apparel, we offer the Perma Press Vinyl Print Transfer for a more expansive list of options for customizations. With our high-tech cut and print equipment, we guarantee top-quality batch designs whether it’s in full multi-color, gradients, or halftones.

This method will work best on your apparel regardless of the type and color. It guarantees high-quality designs that do not crack, fade or scratch after washing. Inform us of your plans and preferences, so you give you our best Perma Press Vinyl Print service rates.

3. Specialized Screen Printing

Known as one of the most versatile and earliest established printing methods, specialized screen printing is a simplified yet detailed process that involves mesh, emulsions, inks, and stencils. In an elaborate method utilizing traditional principles and innovative technologies, we guarantee top-quality outputs in larger quantities.

We not only ensure long-lasting prints but also near-perfect replicas of your chosen design. We reserve such printing methods for bulk orders, or if a client specifically cites it as a preference. If you prefer this printing method, let us know so we can offer you a reasonable rate for Screen Printed orders in bulk.

4. Embroidery

Using this creative decorative technique, we offer this highly durable customization option as an alternative to our printing services. With our brand of embroidery, we showcase professional craftsmanship and clean handiwork.

Moreover, our company invests in reliable embroidery equipment to ensure quality, durability, and on-schedule delivery. That said, our high-quality design adds a crisp and unique touch to already high-value apparel and materials with thicker fabrics and garments.

Let us know of your preferences so you can avail of our embroidery service at the soonest possible time.

5. Bulk Custom Orders

Are you looking to have company or school uniforms printed? Or do you have merchandise that you want to customize for your respective sports teams? If so, we can accommodate large orders at a reasonable price. Whether you want custom names, numbers, specific logos, or graphics, Monkey Prints has got you covered.

Other Services

Aside from custom printing services, we also offer apparel and graphic design, as well as logo production and branding management. Our teams have the qualifications and experience to deliver the services that move you closer to your creative goals.