Meet Our Staff - Marie-Pier


As an independent boutique we pride ourselves on connecting with our clients in a way that's a little more intimate than the average big store experience.

Here's an opportunity for you guys to get to know our amazing staff before you meet them in-store (or maybe you've already met them).

This week on Meet Our Staff, we've got our newest monkey Marie-Pier.

She's Québecoise, her heritage is nebulous and she can make you change your style game up in a second.

All clothes worn in the shoot are available in-store at IIIMNKYS (except the hat!), and are styled by Marie-Pier herself.

Brands featured in this editorial: Cameo The Label, Designer's Remix, Zanerobe

Meet Our Staff - Marie-Pier

What’s your name and what do you outside of IIIMNKYS?

Hi I’m Marie-Pier! I’m studying right now, hopefully I’ll be going to university in fashion very soon.

I want to work behind the scenes, maybe as a stylist. I also really love photography so maybe that could work out too.

So you like photography – what kind of shots do you like to take?

I’m really into casual photographs of people. I think people are at their most interesting point when they’re not focusing on posing for a picture.

You’ve got a lot of experience working in other stores – so you must be really outgoing.

Not at all actually, I’m really shy! I try to hide it with my humour…and hats.

What do you like about working here so far?

The freedom! We’ve got the freedom to talk to customers in a casual and friendly way, and change the merchandising as we feel. I’ve worked in other stores, and let me tell you, things were a lot less fun.

How would you describe your style?

I’ve got multiple personalities when it comes to style. I’ve got a ‘grunge’ side to me; I’m always wearing silver jewelry – you know I have to be ready to be bitchy at places like Trash Bar!

I like to blur the gender lines so I’ll wear guy stuff or looser fitting things to change up the silhouette.

For example, I can wear heels, tights and a guy’s top. Why not?

Where do you like to go out on weekends?

I really like Trash Bar on St-Laurent, it’s got a skating ramp and is sponsored by Pabst so that’s interesting. I also really love Mme. Lee on Ontario!

You have a few tattoos visible, any particular meaning to them?

I’ll be honest, a few of them were drunk tattoos because my friend has a tattoo machine. I’ve got one that says ‘creativity’ on my hand because I like to embrace my artistic side. The other tattoos are an homage to my family’s heritage.

Speaking of your heritage, you have a very interesting look. People must ask you about that all the time.

Yea definitely! People think that I’m Asian or Hawaiian. I’m actually part native (first nation) and part Australian! 50 / 50.


Do you get to not pay taxes?

No! Unfortunately not L


How active are you on social media?

I’m on Instagram a lot. I like to post interesting things, no drunk photos or constant selfies, I promise.

Any shout outs?

Not really…I guess I’m pretty boring eh? No, a shout out to my friends at 19 Cartel, a Montreal based clothing brand. They’re gaining traction around the city so everyone should definitely give them a look!

You can follow Marie-Pier on Instagram and of course, in the store. Stay tuned for the next blog and of course, holla at us on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter @IIIMNKYS!