Meet Our Staff - Sazeed


As an independent boutique we pride ourselves on connecting with our clients in a way that's a little more intimate than the average big store experience.

Here's an opportunity for you guys to get to know our amazing staff before you meet them in-store (or maybe you've already met them).

Our Fourth installment of Meet Our Staff features one of our new monkeys, Sazeed. A man who with fashion aspiration.

All clothes worn in the shoot are available in-store at IIIMNKYS (except the hat!), and are styled by Sazeed himself.

Brands featured in this editorial: Naked & Famous, Zanerobe

Meet Our Staff - Sazeed

What’s your name and what do you outside of IIIMNKYS?

Hey I’m Sazeed. I study marketing at John Abbott and hopefully I’ll go to JMSB soon.

What do you want to do with your degree?

I want to start my own clothing line, primarily making jeans. I’m really inspired by Naked & Famous and everything that they've done with denim.

What inspired you to think of doing your own thing in fashion?

Honestly, I have a lot of things I want to do in the future: being a director, being in the arts scene and so on.

I sketched a lot as a kid so hopefully I can keep doing that and make the transition to design.

Is that why you started working here at IIIMNKYS?

Yea! I feel like it’s a great learning experience, I don’t know as much as I thought I did. I thought that I knew a lot and when I came here, I found out that I know nothing.

You’ve been here a week, are you comfortable styling people yet? How do you approach styling women?

Yea I feel like I’m getting comfortable and I can sort of tell by what people are wearing how they would like to dress.

Styling women is a tough one, I find that by asking them what kind of music they’re into I can usually get an insight into their taste.

There is definitely a strong correlation between music and fashion.

So what does your musical taste say about your style?

Nothing really, I listen to pretty much everything [Laughs]

Even Taylor Swift?

Favourite artist. T-Swizzay, you know? [Laughs]

Favourite place to go out in Montreal?

Winnies (Sir Winston Churchill), definitely on a Tuesday with that 5 à 8 happy hour.

No in all honesty, SUWU is definitely my favourite place to go, as well as Big In Japan.

I’m usually wearing a wide brim hat, kind of like Theophilus London, and Oliver Peoples sunglasses. I really don’t care what people think and it’s definitely not a fashion statement.

Favourite drink at SUWU?

Gotta be the Wu-Tang. I know, I know, I look like a guy who would drink that. I honestly hate beer.

Favourite thing about working at IIIMNKYS?

The people definitely, coolest staff around. I also like learning about the products in great detail. If I want to make jeans one day, I definitely have to understand the subtleties.

Shout outs?

Shout out to Momma Zeed!





You can follow Sazeed on Instagram and of course, in the store. Stay tuned for the next blog and of course, holla at us on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter @IIIMNKYS!